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About Downtown Montreal

As the central business district of Montreal, Quebec, in Canada, Downtown Montreal is a destination that holds many surprises for you, so don’t hesitate to plan your next trip here. Downtown Montreal Hotels will be your host and reliable guide, so follow us. 

Downtown Montreal is part of the Borough of Ville-Marie, conveniently located at the foot of Mount Royal, which is a popular tourist destination, extending towards Saint Lawrence River. The city center contains most of the skyscrapers in Montreal and one interesting thing to know is that, as enforced by law, they don’t have to be taller than Mount Royal. In any case, you should take your camera because there are plenty of things to see: among the tallest skyscrapers in downtown there are the buildings of 1000 de La Gauchetière and 1250 René-Lévesque. 

Downtown Montreal Hotels invites you to admire the contrast between the old and new architecture in Montreal, so you will find skyscrapers as the Tour KPMG and 1000 de La Gauchetière next to an Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedral, respectively.

Downtown Montreal Hotels also recommends the following attractions that make this city center worth visiting: Place Ville-Marie, a cruciform office tower which houses an underground shopping mall linked to Montreal’s underground city, the world’s largest actually, Saint Catherine Street, which is Canada’s busiest commercial avenue, Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy department stores, Les Cours Mont-Royal shopping center, the Notre Dame Basilica, the Places des Arts, the Bell Center, the Montreal Planetarium, Pointe-A Callieres Archeology Museum, and many more that you will find enlisted in the sections of our website.

As you see, there are plenty of reasons to take your family and friends and come spend some quality time in Canada, Italy, Greece or UK. Downtown Montreal Hotels will guide you all the way.

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Most Famous Hotels


Portrait Roma

Pleasantness is definitely an artwork and also Portrait Roma makes it a work of art. Stay a personal estate using the expert services of the Five star resort created all around an urban area, a collection customized for you and also activities designed on your diet and lifestyle.

Ampersand Hotel

The Ampersand is definitely an sophisticated shop resort inside South Kensington. The following magnificently renewed Victorian jewel is really a little luxurious resort close to the, Natural History Museum and several of London's most favored galleries and museums. Using South Kensington pipe train station just simply down the street, most of Central london is at close range.

Choose Car Insurance Before Travel


Your one stop place in Greek internet to find a suitable car insurance before you travel. They have a searching form witch helps you to choose the best option for your needs. Don't forget to ask for a short term contract, just to cover your vacations or business trip to Greece.


Another one great insurance calculator. Just enter your details and let it find you a cheap option to get covered for your trip to Europe or just Italy. Never underestimate online tools like that. The results may surprise you. If you need a good hind, try to get as few as possible days under insurance contract.


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Always Ask Your Car Insurance Firm If They Have Any Discounts

Car insurance is undoubtedly an incredibly important thing for those drivers to possess. Because of so many different companies and coverage options in the marketplace, it may be confusing trying to decide on the best plan to suit your needs. Below are a few suggestions to assist you to should you be getting taken advantage of.

Do thorough research prior to purchasing insurance. Every company offers different rates based on a variety of factors. Utilize a quote comparison site to judge multiple companies right away and have a cheaper premium.

Inquire along with your insurance firm before purchasing aftermarket parts for the vehicle. You will want to determine what they could cover when it comes to an absolute loss.

Before you purchase a car or truck, look into exactly how much it can cost to insure the auto. Your insurance costs might go down dramatically when you choose an auto with superior safety ratings.

Some insurance is actually a legal mandate for almost all drivers. Remember that the responsibility for carrying the legally-required measure of insurance lies along, not your insurance company.

Don't get caught without auto insurance today! Should you engage in an accident, insurance will help you to protect your assets.

The ideas in this post should be used to help you find the auto insurance policies that best suits your preferences.

Travel Advice Before Go To Canada, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom

Planning your trip beforehand is crucial, no matter your reason behind traveling. The following advice may help.

Pack your bags the night time before leaving in your trip. Ready yourself well ahead of the flight. Should you miss your flight, you will need to go on a later one. It might create difficulties with your itinerary.

Without any certificate, there is absolutely no way to prove to the authorities that you may have been vaccinated, and you could be quarantined.

The kind of digicam you have on your trip must be determined by the trip you take. If you may be backpacking, for example, a rechargeable battery wouldn't be ideal. Try to look for an electronic camera it is possible to switch on while focusing quickly. You don't want to miss anything memorable.

When venturing abroad, be aware when you use taxi cabs. Anyone can position the word "taxi" on their own vehicle, so you would not function as the wiser.

Proper preparation and packing is vital! It can lessen your anxiety before traveling, along with supply you with a better idea of what is happening.