Basic Tips To Find Cheap Air Tickets And Insurance

Air Tickets

It is not always possible, but you will find cheap trips especially when you book at least two months in advance. Do you want to travel now? And you have no destination, time of day in mind? The last-minute (last minute tickets) can be a good buy. You can find this kind of tickets at the airport counters. It is also possible to find last-minute tickets on some airline websites. 

The cheapest days to fly are during the week!

Choosing a flight with departure and arrival during the days of the week is one of the ways to have cheap trips. Weekends, holidays and holidays bridges are, of course, the most expensive days to travel. The cheapest days to travel are normally Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays as they are not so close to the weekend.

Insurance: confirm if they are even needed.

Insurance is something that always appears during the purchase of flight, and sometimes they are even pre-selected. Traveling without insurance is a risk, but it confirms whether buying a travel insurance is even necessary. Many credit cards, including the VISA card, include primary travel insurance.

Contrary to what many people say, VISA travel assistance is an offer to all holders of a VISA credit card, and it is not mandatory to purchase the plane ticket with the same card.

This insurance and assistance are basic/minimum services. Does your trip involve risky activities? Or is it a long-stay trip? In this case, it is required that you have mutual travel insurance.

Do not miss the opportunity to have cheap trips.

Found the cheapest airline tickets, it is vital that you buy them as soon as possible. You can lose second trips for a few hours of hesitation! Something like that can happen because prices may change from one minute to the next due to something called Yield Management. It is a management technique also used in the sale of airline tickets.

For example: An airline has 200 seats to sell. Start by putting 20 seats on sale for 30 €; 40 seats at 50 €; 50 places at 70 € and 90 places at 80 €. When they sell the first 20 seats, the 40 seats are put up for sale at 50 €, and when those seats are sold, they are the 50 seats at 70 € which are made available and so on.

So when you really are sure that price is the best, do not hesitate!

Two last helpful pieces of advice:

Try to make your purchase on Tuesdays; this day is the standard day for companies to place the free places for sale. If you travel frequently, ask to receive the newsletter of companies that fly to your usual destination. Companies often send in readable promotion codes that allow you to have inexpensive travel on your next bookings.

It takes a little time to find cheap trips, but in the end, it's worth it!

This point is one of the most important to find cheap trips. If you are flexible on the dates of your tour, the difference between one day and the next day can be around 40 euros or more!

To give you an idea of ​​the cheapest time to fly, is one of the most used, because it allows you to see the entire month and have a chart or the chart with the cheapest flight every day of the month.